Location: Shenzhen, China
Client:Shenzhen PlayPlus Educational  Company Ltd.
Area: 600 sqm

A playful and exciting environment suitable for implementing this kindergarten’s educational policy was created which focuses on bringing up children that can think, learn and act independently. 

The overall kindergarten space depicts the metaphor of an abstract “landscape” in which different degrees of openness / scales / heights / proportions were manipulated and can be experienced to the fullest by the children to cater their different activity needs for reading / drawing / playing / story-telling / class-learning.

Key zones of classrooms / playground / reading corner / washrooms in timber veneer finishes with pastel colored upholsteries were introduced to give dynamic, vivid and inspiring learning environments and promote children’s mutual interactions.

Feature walls of multi-media projections and traditional chalkboards were juxtaposed to provide flexible and tactile teaching media for the teachers. Floating logo-inspired “crossed-shaped” featured lights acted as spatial directory and completed the children’s fantasy of the space.