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Physical 2.0  ︎

Location: Shanghai, China
Area: 2,000 sqm
Client: Physical Ltd.

"When Gymming Meets Clubbing" is the design concept of this fitness center that mainly targets at young customers. Mixing the essences of two common social activities, fitness exercise and nightclub dance, to create a new psychological and physical experience for different areas.

Starting from the main entrance, guests begin to experience an abstract future space from the real world. The design language of the entire fitness center was defined by dynamic architectural envelopes and flowing fluorescent color lights.

The multi-angle mirror steel ceiling in the reception area provides guests with different sight-line angles and reflects body shapes so that professional fitness consultants can provide tailor-made fitness programs for them in the consultation room.

The open gym area is a charcoal grey space with multi-angle ceiling purple LED flowing light, driving guests' posture and frequency to echo the background music, allowing them to exercise more intensively. The slowly moving purple LED lights extend from different directions to the entire open area, guiding guests into a private aerobics area. Patterned soundproof glass defines classrooms with different functions, the open area and the private area are coherent, but with different levels of privacy.

The indoor swimming pool area is a space created by the black painted glass immersed with aqua blue lights. Ceiling LED lines slowly flow from one side of the pool to the opposite side, allowing guests to follow the reflection in the water for a linear swimming path, enhancing their attention to achieve the same effect of training professional swimmers.

The changing rooms are dominated by fluorescent yellow. After the guests’ exercise, they transited from a professional exercise space of charcoal gray cool tone to space for leisurely washing the body and mind. Here guests can re-dress in the dressing room of backstage and complete their entire sports experience. The changing room exit is a fluorescent green channel resulted by blue and yellow overlapping. Guests follow the dynamic and photosensitive lines connecting from the ceiling to the ground and return to the real world.

We hope that this energetic and theatrical fitness space can provide an experience for young customers to make them stage performers so that they can get strong enhancement in shape, health, and ego.