Kids Winshare Plus  

Location: Chengdu, China
Client: Xinhua Winshare Publishing & Media Co. Ltd
Area: 2850 sqm

The concept of this family bookstore is "Learning in Rainbow". This is a non-traditional retail store but a composite parent-child space with four key functions: retail, learning, dining and amusement.

Situated in a shopping mall’s open space, the spatial layout is composed of series of curves to break the rigidity of the original boundary line and defined main circulations to connect all the 3 main entrances. To echo the curvilinear geometry, we’ve created an abstract world of a rainbow in children’s storybook, provoking their imaginations and letting parents to carry out different family activities. The design language manipulated symbolic colors and shapes of a rainbow to match the functional and emotional requirements and gave memorable spatial experience for different zones.

01.  Pink > Femininity + Yellow > Vibrancy

The first retail zone in pink and yellow tones are spaces respectively selling mother’s and children's books, stationery and teaching and learning products. Spray-painted metal sheets suspended from the open ceiling provided vivid color spectrums, created movement giving way-finding purpose and provided warm atmosphere together with full-height wood veneer walls and bookcases.

Different curvy combinations created different reading areas with different level of privacy. Reading niches allowed parents and children to deposit their minds and concentrate on their readings. Round-shaped column features provided highlight display and seating functions and became focal points of each zone.

02.  Blue > Calmness

The second zone in blue tone is multi-purpose classrooms with caves of different sizes. Children can gain new knowledge in a learning space that is calm yet enhance their inspirations. All classrooms have natural light penetration so that they feel warm and relaxed during their study time.

03.  Green > Healthiness

The third zone is a family restaurant in green tone which is composed of three different functional areas: a platform dining area surrounding the elliptical theatre, a bench sitting area opposite the open-kitchen, and a VIP area made of laser-cut white metal sheet depicting the shapes of a garden house. 

Immersed under tree-like light and shadow effect, different events including children's birthday parties and seminars can be held. Parents can also enjoy a casual lunch or afternoon tea when the children are taking classes and sharing parenting fun.

04.  Brown > Energetic
The fourth zone is a play area in brown tone, children can make new friends and have fun in a kaleidoscope-like world. 

The multi-faceted mirror stainless steel ceiling created visual illusion and excitement to the space and depicted the message of “sky’s the limit”.

We hope this project can allow a new generation of parents and children to pull away from the busy urban life and enter an imaginative parent-child world.