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K11 MUSEA Taste Chamber  ︎

Location: Hong Kong, China
Client: New World Development Company Limited  
Area: 960 sqm

Havana sunset:
K11 Musea “Taste Chamber” took inspiration from Tropical Havana. The concept of Havana Cuba heritage offers an idea on appreciating culture and experiencing the cheerful gastronomy destination.

The surprise of this food court zone came from the Moorish style building brought by the Spanish colonialists and remind us the fusion of the old and new in architecture can be both fresh and historical. You can probably imagine yourself in Havana now strutting along sun-drenched cobblestone streets as sultry salsa music plays , music vibrating out of the surroundings as you passing by.  

A glimpse of the traditional Havana aesthetics was also provided in the washroom through the choice of specific color palette, ceiling pattern and materiality including the azulejo tile and stained glass in each cubicle.

The overall exotic touch is a mix of traditional and contemporary reference.