Izakaya Singer

Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Izakaya Singer Co., Ltd.
Area: 340sqm

Izakaya Singer is a Japanese restaurant situated at the newly-opened food & entertainment hub "OCT Bay" in Shenzhen, China. A main scene of "Dining Room" was created to give a "home" feeling and move the traditional izakaya's dining experience to a new level of trendiness.

Up-cycling of different found objects provide unique casual dining experience for the whole space:

Dining Area 1 –

Architectural re-interpretation of traditional "Japanese wine house" was given by slanted timber roof structure under brown-painted open ceiling.
Used sake bottles & tungsten light bulbs were re-configured to become pendent lamps above timber bench seatings & Teppanyaki counter respectively.
White dining chairs in various styles set up contrast to the timber floor and provide random yet consistent pattern to the general warm-tone environment.

Dining Area 2 –

Ceiling suspended rope screens provide flexible compartmentation to the area. Various seating patterns of booth, table of 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 and VIP rooms are introduced to cater for different customer's needs.
Super-sized black & white images of Japanese food cooking utensils collaged with mustard yellow palettes at feature walls create a warm & stylish identity to this new brand and help increased the customer's appetite.
Custom-designed pendent and table lambs made of bamboo chopsticks completed the cozy and warm dining experience.