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I-Blog  ︎

Location: Hong Kong
Area: 40 sq.m
Client: Left & Right Ltd.

I-Blog is a newly launched roll-out store in Hong Kong selling Japanese designed eyewear.  The client brief required offering strong retail image for this small optical store which targets at trendy and young customer group in the local competitive market.

To achieve this, the statement of “Eyewear as Fashion” was adopted to suit the fast-changing fashion consumption behavior of this particular customer group.  The retail space aims at creating the experience for customers in shopping fashion & accessories items.  Keywords of “free-browsing” and “mix & match” were expressed in the limited retail space of 40 sq.m. in both aesthetic and functional levels:

  • White-paint spatial envelope and brown timber veneered display units were firstly set up to provide a clean & minimal setting to highlight the Japanese touch as well as outstand the foms & colors of the merchandise.  Typical visual merchandising components of a boutique store (window display / mannequin / nesting table / hanger units and open shelvinigs) were borrowed to suit different functional needs and enrich the otherwise monotonous eyewear display methods.

  • Rectilinear central nesting table, open shelvings on both sides in timber veneer & glowing perspex presented merchandise in different price range and maximized free-browsing opportunity.

  • 300mm high non-stop horizontal mirror slots at eye-level tide up the whole retail space for fulfilling customers trying needs at any place and create optical illusion of spatial enlargement.

  • A new concept of ‘fitting’ was introduced between the traditional display and eye-testing zones.  Customer in different eyewear images will be first captured through hidden digital camera on magic mirror wall, direct comparsion opportunity in one screen will be provided to speed up the trial time and create fun ‘mix & match’ shopping experience.

Unique shopping experience is the keyword for any successful retail business strategy.  I-Blog aims to move that shopping experience to another cultural level.